Think only outside the box to be employable!

An AI-generated picture of myself

A close friend recently informed me that British Intelligence Agencies exclusively seek candidates with diagnoses. This implies that individuals considered “normal” are no longer of interest. A development coming as a natural consequence of Machine Learning Intelligence or commonly known as AI.

Forget about symposiums, conferences, or scheduled creative meetings aimed at acquiring knowledge, as these traditional methods merely disseminate information from one individual to many in various formats. The key to acquiring genuine knowledge lies in engaging with individuals who generate original thoughts. Typically, these individuals do not attract attention in large groups. Therefore, it is imperative to reconsider organizational structures altogether.

For decades, societies have categorized unique individuals with diagnoses such as “ADHD,” “ADD,” or “AUTISM,” prompting them to undergo medication or therapy in an attempt to conform to societal norms. However, for societies to progress, it is crucial to recognize that only the same “branded” individuals can drive further development. If you’re not diagnosed or feel you should be, it is time to nurture your uniqueness in order to get one!

My advice to you in 2024; focus on your personal interests, aspirations, and inner thoughts to realize your true self because everything else is becoming outdated..