IMC – Internet Marketing Conference from 2000-2010

During 10 years I arranged a conference called IMC or “The Internet Marketing Conference”. It was truly a groundbreaking event as it gathered for the first time the Internet Marketing Professionals – or as we say today – the Digital Marketing Professionals.

This was before Twitter, before Facebook and even before Google dominated Search. Altavista from Digital Computers (the url was was still the king for searching and Yahoo was the biggest brand on the Internet as it combined search with email services and much more.

IMC gathered over 5,000 people from every corner of the world that believed in this new media. The conferences started in Copenhagen by May 2000 and continued on for over 12 years in the following cities; San Francisco, Vancouver, New York, Berlin, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Helsinki, Montréal, Las Vegas, San Salvador & Gothenburg.

This part of my life was completely mindblowing so let me share some of what actually happened.