My failures as analyst

It’s easy to fail

7 years ago I re-started my consulting career. I had a mission to help companies “choose right” when it came to IT/Web/Computers.

It’s due time to evaluate myself:

  1. I succeeded in building up a consulting company in the respect that I’ve earned enough money to pay me a decent salary.
  2. I’ve had gigs that definitely are in my industry as the primary source of revenue so that is also positive.
  3. Have I though succeeded in my main mission, to help companies “choose the right” path in decisions regarding IT/Web/Computers? In some cases Yes, in most cases the answer is No.

To give a little better understanding of my failures, I give you an example. I managed to sell my services as an analyst to a mid-sized company (550 employees). The task was to give my thoughts about the company’s online presence including its online marketing. However, it turned out that my verdict didn’t suit the company’s IT-department, so the IT-department managed to turn down my recommendations.

In those analyst cases I’ve managed to succeed its been in smaller companies when no IT-department was there to stop me.

My failure as analyst was to understand that changing a company’s IT/Web/Computer environment is like ripping apart its body & soul. A company’s IT-environment is so embedded in a company’s DNA that to radically change it – you need to replace the CTO which an analyst rarely or never manages to do.

In hindsight I was naive in my thinking back in the year 2016. However, I’m not up on my mission to help companies choose the right IT-path, but I need to do it from another angle. I think I need to offer a clear path to success in order to get bigger clients instead of analyzing their current IT-environment.

Until i have this clear path, I’ll stop giving IT-advice, so the only advice I give you today; have a great summer🌞!

Lennart Svanberg